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Lincoln Consolidated School collection
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The Lincoln Consolidated School collection documents the development of Michigan's first large consolidated school district. In the 1920s ten small school districts, mostly one room school houses, were combined to form one large school district. The collection is arranged alphabetically and divided into five separate series. The  Administration series includes budget, Eastern Michigan University Relations, fundraising, reports and surveys, and personnel. The  Board of Education series contains information about administration, meeting minutes, and the schools superintendents. The  Curriculum, Faculty and Staff series contains block prints, curriculum, curriculum council meeting minutes, faculty and staff, teacher laboratory manual, and student teachers. The  History series includes books and scrapbooks, From My Window, A History of the Lincoln Consolidated, general school history, and a scrapbook history of Lincoln Consolidated. The  Publicity and Outreach series includes clippings, correspondence, International Northern Great Plains Conference, the Mariner, and special programs. Records date from 1920-2006.

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Biographical/Historical note

The Lincoln Consolidated School was founded in the early 1920s. Eastern Michigan University played a large role in helping to combine ten rural school districts, most of them one room school houses, into one large school district. This had only been done once before in Washington State. The Lincoln Consolidated School helped to blaze a trail for all other school districts both in Michigan and around the United States that were hoping to accomplish a similar goal. Lincoln Consolidated worked closely with Eastern Michigan University not only as a funding source, but as a place of education for many of EMU's student teachers. Consolidating the schools was a huge success, growing quickly and is still in operation today.

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Scope and Contents note

The Lincoln Consolidated School collection contains information on budgets, Eastern Michigan University relations, personnel, administration, meeting minutes, superintendents, curriculum, faculty, staff, clippings, and correspondence. The collection is arranged alphabetically and is divided into five series. Records date from 1920 to 2006.

The five series that are included in the collection are: Administration; Board of Education; Curriculum, Faculty and Staff; History; and Publicity and Outreach. The Administration series includes a sub-series of Eastern Michigan University Relations, and Personnel. The Board of Education series contains two sub-series of Meeting Minutes and Superintendents. The Publicity and Outreach series also includes a sub-series of clippings.

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Arrangement note

The collection is arranged into five series: 1. Administration, including budget information, an overview of Eastern Michigan University's relationship with Lincoln Consolidated School, funraising and personnel information; 2. Board of Education, which includes information on administration, board of education meeting minutes, and the search for a new superintendent in the early 1960s; 3.Curriculum, Faculty, and Staff, includes information about the schools curriculum, curriculum council meeting minutes, and student teachers; 4. History, including the history and forming of the Lincoln Consolidated School; 5. Publicity and Outreach, includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, yearbooks and special programs.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Eastern Michigan University Archives July 2012

Halle Library, Room 310
Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48197

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  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University. College of Education
  • Michigan State Normal College

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Collection Inventory


Budget 1949-1968 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 1

Eastern Michigan University Relations 

Contracts and Agreements with EMU 1963-1973 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 2

Correspondence with Eastern Michigan University 1959-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 3

EMU-Lincoln Consolidated School Relationships 1940-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 4

Propsoed Contract Between EMU and Lincoln Consolidated Schools 1949 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 5

Fundraising, Reports and Surveys 1957-1965 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 6


Correspondence and Paperwork 1938, 1958-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 7

Resignations 1959-1968 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 8

Salaries 1957-1968 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 9

Tenure 1958-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 10

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Board of Education 

Administration 1956-1971 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 11

Meeting Minutes 


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 12


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 13


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 14


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 15


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 16


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 17


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 18


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 19


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 20


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 21


    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 22


Superintendent Search 1960-1961 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 23

Vernon H. Jones 1942-1968 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 24

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Curriculum, Faculty and Staff 

Block Prints 1929 

    Box Folder
Graphic materials (32307024753742)   1 25

Cirriculum 1933-1968 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 26

Curriculum Council Meeting Minutes 1957-1958 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 27

Faculty and Staff 1958-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 28

Teacher Laboratory Manual 1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 29

Student Teachers 1949-1966 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 30

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From My Window 1935 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 31

A History of the Lincoln Consolidated School 1920-1962 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 32

General School History 1923-1960 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 33

A Scrapbook History of Lincoln Consolidated, The Building 1924-1961 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 34

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Publicity and Outreach 


1920s 1920-1929 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 35

1930s 1930-1939 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 36

1940s 1940-1949 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 37

1950s 1950-1959 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 38

1960s 1960-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 39

1970s 1970-1979 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 40

1980s 1980-1989 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 41

1990s 1990-1999 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 42

2000s 2006 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 43

Correspondence 1949-1969 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 44

International Northern Great Plains Conference on Special Education and Rehabilitaion 1957 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 45

Mariner 1953-1954 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 46

Special Programs 1949-1962 

    Box Folder
Text (32307024753742)   1 47

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